Bike Courses

Capital Bike offers bike safety skills training for all ages and abilities.

Training for all ages

Courses range from fun kids workshops teaching basic skills to encourage young riders to ride around their neighbourhood to our more comprehensive adult cycling courses which teach traffic theory, rules of the road, and best practices!

Kids & Youth Programs

Calling all young adventurers and cycling enthusiasts! At BikeSmart, we’re all about empowering young riders with the coolest bike skills on the block. The earlier you master those safe handling tricks, the faster you’ll zoom ahead with confidence on your trusty two-wheeled steed! Our courses are all about learning through fun and creative activities with rockstar instructors!

Learn More: Rookie Riders (Ages 3-6) Kids (Ages 6-9) Kids (Ages 6-9) Youth (Ages 10-15)

School Programs

BikeSmart’s Everyone Rides and Ride the Road, are two incredible courses designed specifically for students in grades 4-7. Developed by HUB Cycling and generously funded by the Province of British Columbia, these courses teach young cyclists to master the skills and confidence to ride to and from school. Our expert instructors visit your school to lead engaging lessons on essential road rules, traffic safety, and bike handling techniques.

Learn More: Everyone Rides (Grades 4-5) Ride the Road (Grades 6-7)

Adult Programs

Transform into a confident and skilled cyclist with our tailor-made adult BikeSmart courses! Led by our friendly instructors, we blend classroom, parking lot, and on-road training to empower you with essential road rules and traffic safety knowledge.

Learn More: Adults (16+) Bike Freedom (Ages 55+) Safe Cycling for E-bikes (Ages 16+) Beginner

Workplace Workshops

Capital Bike offers a selection of BikeSmart workplace workshops and training courses! From short 1-hour lunch & learns to immersive half to full-day courses, we’ve got you covered! Our workplace bike training sessions are designed to equip your employees with the confidence and knowledge to bike to work safely on local roads, while learning all the essentials for a smooth and secure commute!

Learn More: Half Day Courses E-Bike Fleet Training Full Day Courses Lunch & Learns

Instructor Training

Capital Bike’s Instructors teach people of all ages and abilities to be safer and more confident on their bikes. We teach thousands each year through a combination of school and rec centre programs, public courses, and workplace workshops. Want to join our team?

Custom Courses

Want a tailor-made approach? We can customize workshops to match your group’s interests or craft a series of sessions to dive deep into a variety of cycling topics.


“This is an excellent course for beginning to intermediate-level riders. More experienced riders might also learn a thing or two! Great mix of classroom and on-bike practice.”

“My confidence on the bike has grown so much since taking the course; I am now riding on roadside bike lanes (instead of trails only) and growing my routes to include more areas as a result. I am able to look out for potential safety hazards and plan enjoyable routes with what I learned! Thank you to the helpful instructors – this course is an invaluable resource for new bikers.”