E-Bike Fleet Training

Take your workplace bike training to the next level with our full-day BikeSmart course!

Full Day Courses

This extended version includes all the fantastic features of the half-day express, plus even more!

Your employees will dive deeper into traffic laws and safety protocols, ensuring they’re equipped with everything they need to navigate the streets with ease. We’ll also check and adjust their bikes for a perfect fit, making every ride comfortable and efficient!

The highlight of the day is a customized guided road ride, specifically tailored to your workplace and popular nearby commuting routes. This comprehensive experience will transform your staff into skilled bike commuters, promoting lifelong cycling habits among your team!

Participants and workplace benefits:


Promotes team building & physical health


Promotes sustainable transportation and lower greenhouse gas emissions


Reduces parking & gas expenses for employees

Schedule Your Workplace

Want a tailor-made approach? We can customize workshops to match your group’s interests or craft a series of sessions to dive deep into a variety of cycling topics. Contact Us to set up a customized course or discuss custom options.


“I would encourage anyone who has not been on a bike for a number of years to take this course. It was well worth the time and price with useful information and friendly knowledgeable instructors. The practical skills on our bikes was a good challenge both physically and mentally. The best part was the group bike ride through the community where we practiced all the new skills we had just learnt. Well done Capital Bike Society! And thank you. I plan to take this course every year as a tune-up for my bike riding skills.”

“I took this course as a refresher about traffic safety after a few years of not biking. It helped me build the confidence I need to start commuting by bike. The course was informative and fun! I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to feel more comfortable and safe biking in traffic!”

“The instructors were terrific. Very encouraging and open and alert to different skill levels of participants.”