Everyone Rides
(Grades 4-5)

The BikeSmart Everyone Rides program is designed for grade 4-5 elementary school students. Master the skills and confidence to ride to and from school.

Participating families should also send their kids with the following:


Bicycle in good working order


Approved helmet that fits


Plenty of snacks and water for break time

Register Your School

Please contact Contact Us to register your school or discuss custom workshop options. We have upcoming courses at the following schools in Spring 2024:

Braefoot Elementary

Torquay Elementary

Strawberry Vale Elementary

ȽÁU, WELṈEW̱ Tribal School

Prospect Lake Elementary

Savory Elementary

David Cameron Elementary

Northridge Elementary

Brentwood Elementary

Cloverdale Elementary

Oaklands Elementary

John Stubbs Elementary


“My confidence on the bike has grown so much since taking the course; I am now riding on roadside bike lanes (instead of trails only) and growing my routes to include more areas as a result. I am able to look out for potential safety hazards and plan enjoyable routes with what I learned! Thank you to the helpful instructors – this course is an invaluable resource for new bikers.”

“The bike skills course I did with Jaye is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Nervous adult who knows I should bike more and drive less but lacked confidence and experience. After one day I felt a thousand times better and now I know I can bike anywhere!”

“The instructors were terrific. Very encouraging and open and alert to different skill levels of participants.”