Rookie Riders (Ages 3-6)

Rookie Riders, Ages 3-6 BikeSmart programs are specially designed for new riders, creating a supportive environment where young cyclists can thrive.

Participating families should also send their kids with the following:


Plenty of snacks and water for break time

Upcoming Courses

Registration is currently open for Kids Courses offered through local rec centres, please see available offerings below.

No bike courses for now, but don’t pedal away your hopes – we’re gearing up for Spring 2024!


“My confidence on the bike has grown so much since taking the course; I am now riding on roadside bike lanes (instead of trails only) and growing my routes to include more areas as a result. I am able to look out for potential safety hazards and plan enjoyable routes with what I learned! Thank you to the helpful instructors – this course is an invaluable resource for new bikers.”

“This is an excellent course for beginning to intermediate-level riders. More experienced riders might also learn a thing or two! Great mix of classroom and on-bike practice.”