Youth (Ages 10-15)

Calling all youth cyclists ages 10-15. BikeSmart has a fun introduction to the world of biking, complete with engaging classroom and on-bike handling lessons, followed by an epic guided road ride led by our experienced instructors.

Participating families should also send their kids with the following:


Bicycle in good working order


Approved helmet that fits


Plenty of snacks and water for break time

Upcoming Courses

Registration is offered through local rec centres, please see available offerings below.


“The Capital Bike Course is for everyone. Beginner cyclists can learn the rules and etiquette of the road and avid cyclists can get out of bad habits. This cycling course gave me confidence and skills to safely get my family and I around Victoria. We use our bikes significantly more than I did before. Considering the rising cost of gas and food, cycling is saving our family buckets! I’d highly recommend everyone, including drivers, take the Capital Bike course.

Instructors were kind, understanding, and very helpful. They didn’t make me feel silly nor talked down to beginners learning to bike. They always made us feel safe and heard. Very great listeners and speakers in the classroom and helpful tips and encouragement for practical riding outdoors.”

“I would encourage anyone who has not been on a bike for a number of years to take this course. It was well worth the time and price with useful information and friendly knowledgeable instructors. The practical skills on our bikes was a good challenge both physically and mentally. The best part was the group bike ride through the community where we practiced all the new skills we had just learnt. Well done Capital Bike Society! And thank you. I plan to take this course every year as a tune-up for my bike riding skills.”

“The instructors were terrific. Very encouraging and open and alert to different skill levels of participants.”